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Issues Important to all Virginians


Women’s Issues

Women’s Issues Are Everyone’s Issues. Addressing these Issues Helps Every American.

We must comprehensively and effectively address issues of importance to women because these are issues important to each of us.  Almost a quarter millennium after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we find to our dismay that women are still not treated equally in healthcare, in the workplace, and in the home.  Progressive Democrats consistently promote the causes of equality and fairness for all Americans while the Republicans fight us at every turn.


Access to Affordable Healthcare is a Right. Our dysfunctional system is holding American workers and American companies back. Single-Payer is the least expensive and most effective solution.


Gun Violence

Let's reduce gun violence; we are all at risk:  Guns don’t die.  People do.

We lose more than 33 thousand citizens each year to gun violence—many, many times those we lose to terrorism—and yet our politicians look the other way.  It’s high time to take sensible action to address gun violence. We can uphold the Second Amendment, respecting the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe. This is actually what an overwhelming majority of Americans want congress to do, so why don’t they?


Climate Change

Climate change is real.

The fossil fuel industry uses the same merchants of doubt and techniques to get voters to ignore the perils of climate change that the tobacco companies did a generation ago to keep smokers smoking and denying it causes lung cancer.   I will not argue the science here; it’s already decided:  man-made climate change is real. My argument is that there is no downside-even for deniers-to accepting climate change as a fact and taking steps to prepare for it.


Time to invest in infrastructure, not give the well-off a $1.5 trillion tax break.

America has a second-class infrastructure.  Go to Japan, Europe, or even China and you will find better roads, faster trains, more efficient airports, and modern electrical grids.  This is because Republican tax policy over the last 40 years has resulted in capital-starved public investment with the idea that lower taxes would result in billionaires and the private sector doing these things.  Well they didn’t; they just kept the money.   Republican economic policies ensure a slowly dying economy and Congressman Wittman rubber-stamps every bad economic idea that comes down the pike.


Money in Politics

Campaign finance reform:  Congress should be responsive to citizens, not beholden to special interests!I will work diligently with both Democratic and Republican colleagues in Congress who will work in good faith want to reduce the overwhelming influence of money in politics.

Living Wage

An indexed $15 minimum wage will improve our economy!
I and other progressive Democrats want to raise the minimum wage over time to $15 per hour. Someone working 40 hours per week should be able to earn a living.  A higher minimum wage drives investment, creates demand, and results in all workers at all wage levels being better off. 

Rural Broadband

Wittman has suddenly called for rural broadband but has done nothing in Congress over the last 11 years to actually make it happen.  He must sense there is an election coming up!


Illegal immigration allows unethical employers to suppress wages and exploit legal and undocumented workers alike.  I am very concerned that President Trump has created a hostile climate for all immigrants.  My Plan:

East Coast Strategic Transportation Initiative

I will form a strategic transportation caucus in Congress. We will bring together experts, professionals, citizens, and stakeholders and study the issue in detail.  We will propose a multi-modal approach including all options and alternatives.

Tax Reform

Rob Wittman Marches in Lockstep With House GOP to Rubber Stamp Trump Tax Bill;  All Democrats Oppose.  Vast Majority of Benefits to the Richest 1% and to Corporations. Most Virginians to Face Future Tax Increases.  We Need a Voice in Congress, Not a Shill For Corporate Interests.


Our districts are drawn with an edge to GOP. Mobilizing the base for Democratic voter turnout is essential to take over Rob Wittman"s seat. John is the candidate with the most experience, depth of knowledge and heart to accomplish this.

Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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