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Toni Radler Endorses Suddarth for Congress

"The Hanover Democratic Committee cannot endorse anyone and so during this time we have bent over backwards to provide all 3 candidates with the same amount of exposure, and we’ve had them to the women’s coffee and the men’s forums and we’ve had them all at the meetings. I know that on the 13th whoever wins on the 12th I’m going to love. When the campaign started I said to myself I’m going to keep an open mind. I always kept coming back to John. So while as the Committee Chair I cannot endorse, personally I can endorse John. I first got to know John when I was on the Hanover Habitat for Humanity Board where he was a man who really cared deeply about substandard housing in Hanover. Not only did he care about it, he exercised the leadership, judgment and energy to push us forward along with Tim Bowring to make Hanover Habitat for Humanity an example and wonderful organization in Hanover. He cared. He knew how to take effective action. That’s important for somebody running for Congress.

In addition, John’s been a successful businessman. He’s not just a person who can talk well and present themselves well but has actually a record in the business community. That’s important because you are coming up against Rob Wittman. You can’t just be angry at Donald Trump. That’s not going to work anymore, you have got to have something to show. And He does.
I believe that John is the man who can beat Rob Wittman. That’s what we have to do. This election in November is the most important midterm election of our lives, and maybe since the Civil War. Getting control and winning against the Republicans is the only hope to change what is happening to our country. I’m all for John and I know he is going to do a good job and he’s run a terrific campaign. Let’s get your friends and family out on Tuesday."

Toni Radler
Former Candidate
55th District
Virginia House of Delegates

Bio: Toni not only ran for Virginia House of Delegates in the 55th District, but also was raised in Ashland, VA, graduated from Patrick Henry High School and Mary Washington College. She worked as a reporter for several local media outlets before working in public relations and marketing for several Virginia state government organizations, a private company, and the Christian Children's Fund.

Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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